18 oktober, 2011

Larry Hagman drabbad av cancer

I går hörde jag den tråkiga nyheten att skådespelaren Larry Hagman har drabbats av cancer. Han är mest känd för att ha spelat den giriga J.R. Ewing i 80-talssåpan "Dallas". Larry säger dock i ett pressmeddelande att det är en vanlig och behandlingsbar form av cancer.

"As J.R., I could get away with anything. Bribery, blackmail and adultery. But I got caught by cancer. I do want everyone to know that it is a very common and treatable form of cancer. I will be receiving treatment while working on the new 'Dallas' series. I could not think of a better place to be than working on a show I love, with people I love. Besides, as we all know, you can't keep J.R. down!”

Krya på dig, Larry!